Healthier Holiday Foods from our Dietitian Friends
By Anne Danahy MS RDN


The holidays might be all about indulging on sweets, treats, and lots of party foods, but one group that knows how to balance things out is dietitians! We all love to splurge, especially this time of the year, but we also know that the secret to enjoying all the treats without all the regrets come January, is to sprinkle in lots of healthy options too.

Here are some favorite healthier holiday appetizers, side dishes and even desserts from our food blogging registered dietitian friends – check them out and maybe you’ll find a few new dishes to help keep your holiday table a little bit more balanced.

Get your party started with a healthy appetizer like these yummy Butternut Squash...

Food Demo 101
By Lisa Andrews Med RD LD


Not all dietitians are extroverts. There are many dietitians that would rather work in a research lab or write articles all day than get out in front of an audience and speak. But, if you are one of those people that loves to work a crowd and show off your nutrition knowledge and culinary skills, then doing food demos may be right in your wheelhouse.

Before you pack your cutting board and knives, there’s a few things to get situated before pitching a food demo to a company, mom’s group or other audience. For starters, find out if the group you’ll be teaching has a budget. Will they be paying for your food, prep time and expertise or will you be doing the work pro bono? While...