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How would it feel to be your own boss? What if you could make your own

schedule and choose the hours and days you prefer to work? How would you like

to work fewer hours and make more money at the same time? Do you want to a

better work/life balance? Would you like the freedom to spend more time with

your family? Are you adventurous and love the idea of a traveling assignment in

an exotic new location like Alaska or Hawaii? If you find yourself asking these

questions, you are in exactly the right place. A career in healthcare consulting  is

definitely for you. How do we know this? Because these questions were at the

heart of why we created Dietitian Pros.


 Dietitian Pros was founded by Daniel White, a clinician himself, for healthcare professionals like you who want to create a more

meaningful and rewarding life and career. We firmly believe that having fulfilling

work and a balanced personal life are not mutually exclusive. You can have your

cake and eat it too. With us your career will be more rewarding than ever. The

rewards you will find here include more time, money, flexibility and freedom to live

life on your terms.


We do this by specializing in consulting 

contracts for a variety of healthcare settings including acute care, long-term care,

sub-acute/rehab facilities, dialysis centers, private healthcare offices, home health

agencies, outpatient clinics, and educational institutions.


 You select the job location and assignment length that works for your life from our jobs page.

 We secure the paperwork and compensation package with the healthcare facility. 

You complete the work assignment, get handsomely paid, and move on to whatever you would like to do next.

That could be some time off to spend with your family, another local contract assignment,

or, an exciting travel assignment in an exotic, new location.

The end result is more freedom, time and money to live life as you desire. To begin, click on the button below or check out our Jobs page.