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Dietitian Pros was founded by Daniel White, a registered dietitian himself, who has a genuine passion for increasing wellness in others and for the discipline of dietetics. Although we have Midwestern roots, we promote a national vision to improve the lives of dietitians while serving healthcare facilities around the country. We believe that dietitians can earn better compensation, feel more fulfilled in their work lives, and provide the clinical expertise to the healthcare facilities and patients they serve at the same time. With the continued growth of the healthcare industry and a renewed national focus on nutrition and wellness, Dietitian Pros is uniquely suited to meet the needs of both dietitian professionals and healthcare organizations alike.



Dietitian Pros provides class-leading nutrition staffing services to a variety of healthcare settings across the United States. We hire and recruit registered dietitians to serve in temporary, part-time or full-time positions.


We commit to improving the lives of dietitian professionals while providing class-leading nutrition staffing services for healthcare facilities across the United States. We accomplish this by embracing a blend of six values: Clinical excellence, professionalism, service, independence, abundance, and vitality.



Need to fill a short-term dietitian vacancy? We’ve got your back. Whether you need a dietitian for a maternity leave, vacation time, or an unexpected opening, we provide you the peace of mind so you can get back to running your healthcare business.


Like our Dietitian Pro so much you would like to hire them? Connect with us to discuss offering our dietitian a permanent position with your facility.

Direct Hire Recruiting

Don’t have time to recruit dietitian candidates yourself? We conduct all of the candidate sourcing, screening, pre-interview hiring processes to make your job of finding the right dietitian for your facility a little bit easier.

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