Welcome to the Dietitian Download!

By Daniel White RDN LDN


Welcome. We are excited to introduce our new dietitian professional resource blog, the Dietitian Download! Ever since we launched our company four years ago, we've dreamed about this moment. And although our work the past few years has centered around providing rewarding RD career opportunities, engaging with the like-minded professionals, and building our company brand and client base, we've always wanted to do more. We've wanted to give back to you, the dietitian community. One of the ways we've envisioned fulfilling this was to create a space where the dietitians can come to find career and educational resources.

What you will find here are the latest food and nutrition news, evidenced-based nutrition science and best practices, educational materials for patients and clients, and dietitian-specific career resources. In other words, we want to provide you with the tools necessary to confidently claim the title Dietitian Pro!

Please feel free to engage with our postings and authors. But remember we honor the "Pledge of Professional Civility". That means we can disagree without being disagreeable. And keep in mind the six values we strive to live by everyday: clinical excellence, professionalism, service, independence, abundance, and vitality. With our mission and values in clear focus, we hope you find the Dietitian Download to be an excellent source of education, fantastic career resources, and continual inspiration.


The Dietitian Pros Team