Dietitian-Approved Resources for Nutrition Information

By Anne Danahy MS RDN


Consumers can’t seem to get enough nutrition information. Nearly every major news outlet, and most online magazines produce health and nutrition content. In addition, there are an estimated 500 million blogs on the internet, and many of them dole out food and nutrition advice daily.

Unfortunately, much of that content isn’t written by RDNs or nutrition professionals. Often, the writers have no formal nutrition training or research skills. In many cases, it’s produced on behalf of a company with a goal of selling their products. As a result, much nutrition information on the internet is biased and misleading, unclear, or in some cases, downright incorrect.

It’s no wonder our patients, and most consumers are confused.

To help patients and the public avoid misinformation, we’ve rounded up a list of helpful websites for the latest research and nutrition recommendations on common health conditions. All of these publish helpful resources, and accurate, science-based information that’s nicely translated for consumers. They’re also a great place for RDNs to get quick and condensed information on a variety of topics.

General and Family Nutrition

USDA Nutrition.gov

General and disease-specific nutrition information, recipes, lesson plans

MyPlate Meal Plans

Personalize meal plan generator

USDA Food Data Central

USDA’s food and nutrient database

2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines

US Department of Health and Human Services Dietary Guidelines for Americans (soon to be updated)

CDC Nutrition

Resources, statistics, recommendations for maternal, infant, and early childhood nutrition


Research, information, supermarket education tools, healthy eating tips, recipes, for traditional diets: Mediterranean, African Heritage, Latin-American, Asian Heritage, Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

Vitamins, Minerals, Nutritional/Botanical Supplements

NIH Office of Dietary Supplements

Consumer and professional fact sheets about nutritional supplements

NIH National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

Evidence-based overview of herbal supplements and complementary therapies for a wide range of health conditions


National Cancer Institute

Extensive information by cancer type: research, causes, prevention, treatments, statistics, etc.

American Institute for Cancer Research

Research and information on cancer prevention and treatment focused on food and lifestyle

Cardiovascular Diseases

NIH National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

Research and recommendations on cardiovascular diseases. Also include pulmonary diseases and sleep disorders

Celiac Disease

Gluten Intolerance Group

Research, resources, support groups, lists of gluten-free products and gluten-free restaurants


American Diabetes Association

Nutrition information for consumers; meal planning tips and tools

American Diabetes Association Standards of Medical Care

Standards of care for health professionals. Covers all aspects of diabetes management. Updated annually with current research and recommendations

Digestive Diseases

NIH National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Facts, causes, treatments (including diet and nutrition), about most digestive diseases and disorders. Also includes liver diseases.

Food Allergies

Food Allergy Research and Education

Research, tips, patient resources for common food allergens

Food Safety/Food Service

CDC Food Safety

Food safety guidelines and information about foodborne illness, product recalls

CDC’s Healthy Food Service Guidelines

Food safety and food service guidelines for federal facilities

USDA Health and Safety

Tools and resources for food safety, fact sheets, meat and poultry recalls

Renal Diseases

NIH National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Facts, causes, treatments (including diet and nutrition), about most kidney and urinary tract diseases and disorders

Miscellaneous Diseases and Health Conditions

Merck Manual Consumer Version

Searchable encyclopedia of health conditions, risk factors, causes, symptoms, treatments. Interesting articles on health conditions. Also has a more detailed Professional version